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    Community Learning Network - Youth Ambassadors


    Building stronger communities
    through real-life learning in real-life places with real-life people.

    Who Are We?

    We are passionate, caring community members who want to support a better future for our world. The Community Learning Network is a grassroots  501(c)3 not-for-profit organization born out of this communal intention and global need.  We are a web of real-people in real-places who work together to provide transformational real-life learning opportunities that inspire responsible, respectful, relational living. We are committed to the well-being of our community, our families, and our youth.

    Love Where We Live

    Born in the Barrio of Santa Fe, this project  emerged in response to the words of an elder who said, " Well-being comes from being accountable to a people and a place." In the era of video games and television,  today's youth may actually have far less access to the wisdom and resources of our own communities. Getting to know each other and getting to know our community through real-life learning is a powerful anti-dote to the some of the pitfalls of modern living that can be found in feelings and conditions of isolation, confusion, or frustration. Learning to "LOVE where we LIVE" is nourished by relationship-building and real-life experiences with real people in the real places where we live, work, and play.

    Youth Ambassadors

    This locally-driven program is designed to introduce students to the wealth of people, places, and activities in their own neighborhoods through experiential learning and service activities. Facilitated by professional educators, community leaders, and local wisdom-keepers, the project also prepares students to serve as Youth Ambassadors, weaving in training in communication skills, presentation development, project management, and group facilitation.
  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to connect you with inspirational and transformational educational opportunities
    for real-life learning in real-life places with real-life people.

  • How It Works

    Students who successfully complete the program components listed below will receive
    a certificate of completion signed by the Mayor and letter of reference
    plus inclusion in the Youth Ambassadors Directory.

    Youth Ambassadors may also be invited to participate in regional civic and professional events.

    Community Learning Adventures

    Explore, serve, and learn!


    Participate in at least four Community Learning Adventures which may include meeting with local community members, exploring local historic sites, visiting community attractions and museums, and participating in community volunteer service projects.

    Youth Ambassador Trainings

    You have skills!


    Participate in ambassador training workshops to improve communication and public speaking skills and to learn group facilitation techniques and team-building games.

    Personal Learning Log

    Time for reflection!


    Keep a personal learning log to document your experiences,
    thoughts, feelings, and discoveries through writing, photos,
    scrapbooking, etc.

    Regional History & Heritage Survey

    We learned a lot!


    Complete a regional history survey to demonstrate the understanding and knowledge you gained during the program.

    Culminating Project

    Share your findings with the world!


    Present a “Love Where We Live” culminating project of their choice to showcase highlights from what they learned and experienced such as a YouTube video, slideshow, poem, painting, play, art show, digital media, interview, portfolio, movie, etc…

  • See. Hear. Smell. Taste. Feel. Do.

    Showing off some of Santa Fe's regional activities, community projects, and local highlights!

    Work on Sustainable Farms

    Get Growing!
    Put your hands on the earth...plant, weed, harvest...learn about the food cycle, composting, seed saving, water democracy and our centuries-old acequia ditch system, and more...

    Build with Adobe

    We love mud...hope you do too!
    Much of Northern New Mexico is built from adobe - a mixture of earth, clay, straw, and water. Join us in this timeless tradition and learn about our historic buildings and churches, adobe architecture, wooden vigas, kiva fireplaces, earthen ovens, mud plaster, latillas, passive solar, and energy-saving design.

    Serve Others

    Look and live beyond ourselves!
    Work in a local soup kitchen, distribute food to families and elders in need, meet with area students and teachers, build a house, and even muck stables, feed horses, or milk goats. There are plenty of ways to serve others in Santa Fe and there are a wealth of amazing projects to learn about and people to meet in the process!

    Explore the Historic District

    The City Different is the oldest capital city in the US!
    Over 400 years of history and heritage is waiting for you to explore. Churches and museums, as well as lots of stories and interesting facts line the streets of the historic district.

    Visit Area Attractions

    Beauty all around us!
    Learn about area trails and geography while enjoying a guided hike in the absolute natural beauty of this region. Visit local colleges, churches, and museums.
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